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Prenancy in White

Antenatal Care

Dr. Geisler provides private antenatal care in the Consultant's Private Clinic on the grounds of CUMH.

Your first visit involves an early pregnancy scan for reassurance ideally at about 8 weeks of pregnancy. At 12 weeks of pregnancy Dr Geisler will have a detailed discussion with you about your medical history and identify any concerns for this pregnancy. Dr Geisler will see you every 4 weeks up until 32 weeks of pregnancy and from then, every two weeks until 38 weeks, then weekly until delivery. This care is provided alongside your GP (combined care) who will see you in between your consultant visits. The frequency of visits will be individualised to your pregnancy needs.

You will have an ultrasound scan at each visit to check your baby and their development. At approximately 20-22 weeks you will have an anatomy/anomaly scan in the Fetal Assessment Unit CUMH.

Dr Geisler believes in open communication so that you feel empowered to ask questions along the way.

Dr Geisler will attend the birth of your baby and will care for you while you are in hospital following birth. At 6 weeks you attend the private rooms for a postnatal check up to see that you and baby are doing well and review contraceptive options should you wish.

If you have to attend the emergency room for any concerns, Dr Geisler will be contacted. If for some reason, Dr Geisler is unable to attend while you are in labour/hospital, a nominated consultant colleague will care for you until Dr Geisler's return.

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